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01-02-13 New Year's Eve Party

Our New Year's Eve party was a total blast! We opened the night with All-church prayer and worship and then play games and fried food. It was truly a night to remember. 

12-27-13 Happy Birthday to the Best Wife in the World

Happy Birthday to the most amazing wife in the world! Heather, I love you and my life has been incredibly blessed by God through you. You are a phenomenal example of Christ's love in everything you do. I am one VERY lucky husband and our kids have the best mom/teacher/friend in the world!!

Here's a little Sphere fun from Heather's Birthday breakfast at Jackson's corner:)

Friday afternoon family

Most Friday afternoons you will find Heather and I at a coffee shop. We go on our weekly afternoon date. But since I am going to be out of town for a few days, we decided to change it up and make it family Friday. Taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather, we engaged in a little family competition. I won't show you the score card. That wouldn't be nice:) 

Sun Mountain Fun Center miniature golf course

Sun Mountain Fun Center miniature golf course

What's Next Kits

At church this weekend, we are giving away something completely new.  We’re calling it the “What’s Next” kit.  It’s a kit filled with information and materials for someone who is a brand new disciple of Jesus Christ.  We’re very excited to be able to have this tool to help people in their walk with the Lord.  It has a copy of the Book of John, seven devotionals written by our staff members to get someone through their first week with Jesus, a bookmark, and a few other goodies.  This is a project that needed to happen and I can’t wait to see how God is going to use it. 



New Welcome Center

I love making the most of what I have right now! 

"Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much." - Luke 16:10

We really wanted a new welcome center at Mission Church. We began shopping and seeking out options online. We couldn't seem to find anything with any WOW factor for less than $1500. Inspired by Pinterest, we made our own welcome center for less than $600. 

Making it Home

As we work our way back to Oregon, we are having fun making our RV a little more like home -- the Northwest! I love soda shop memorabilia too and you go...


The Freedom Trail -- Boston, MA

Boston is one of my new favorite cities in America. WOW! On this trip we thoroughly explored Washington D.C. and New York. However, Boston stole our hearts for cities to visit in America. Don't worry, Bendites, we are not moving to Boston:) It is hard to describe the history, beauty and depth of this great city. I decided to capture our Boston adventures via Go Pro. Enjoy!

Surprising Sunflowers of Upstate New York

Today we started the journey back across the United States. It's only August 8th, so, we get to take our time and do some exploration. Our sabbatical/vacation continues through the month of August too. The surprising find of the day -- the sunflowers of upstate New York. And of course, we had to stop and take pictures to share with all of you. 


Boston Connections

I am always amazed with the creative ways that God blesses us. When we were in Boston, we connected with a friend from college and with a family from our first ministry position in Carrollton, TX. Our friend from college saw a blog post about our upcoming travels to the East coast and we set up a plan to connect. The family from Texas just happened to be traveling on the same highway in Maine on the same day. We were within 30 minutes of each other heading in the same destination -- Boston. The next day we all met for dinner in downtown Boston. You just cannot orchestrate this stuff. The Lord blesses! 

White Mountains of New Hampshire

We made a great choice in visiting the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This area of New England is surrounded by the "presidentials." Mt. Washington is the highest mountain in New England and towers over Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Adams, Mt. Monroe, Mt. Madison. Sound familiar northwest friends? Don't worry, our elevations trump theirs by far but theirs mountains are equal in beauty. We hiked Mt. Willard, Aremthusa Falls, and hiked the beautiful Zealand falls trail. It was a great week of relaxation and adventure. 

Here is a little glimpse into Zealand Falls:

On The Road Again

Here is a little glimpse into our camping life this summer. We are not exactly roughing it. Being together 24/7 for two months in a row could be a challenge but we are having a blessed blast! 

Adventure Update/Technology Break

At the beginning of our eight week journey, I did not Facebook or blog much at all. I am taking a little time tonight and tomorrow to get everyone up to speed on our eight week sabbatical journey. 

First of all, Happy Anniversary to my beautiful bride of 17 years! 

We have been on the road for 14 days. We traveled through Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Kansas and we spent the 4th of July with my family in Alva, OK.  

We left Oklahoma on the 8th and traveled through Arkansas to Branson, MO where we spent 5 days with my parents, brother and his family and my aunt. We were serious tourists hitting a LOT of great restaurants, shows and amusement parks:) Bottom line...we are having a blast and definitely feel blessed. Thanks for all of your prayers!


Hofen Family Adventure

This summer is a special journey for our family. After 17 years in full time ministry, we are taking an 8 week sabbatical. Thanks to a talented, capable and awesome staff, leadership team and church family, we are confidently embarking on an adventure. We will definitely miss our church family but we are looking forward to quality time with our immediate family.

We departed on Monday morning and we have already conquered Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. Tomorrow we will arrive in Oklahoma and spend some time with my family. This is probably the last time we will see the Ford Explorer. We are selling it on Craigslist and acquiring an extended cab Ford truck and a fifth wheel. Next week we will begin the RV life and spend the next 7 weeks traveling Missouri, Washington D.C., New York, New England, and Minnesota.  

Let the adventure begin!


Light Art in the Forest

I had a meeting in Eugene, Oregon this morning. I decided to take advantage of my traveling location and camp out at Sahalie/Kooslah Falls last night. Since the sun was setting upon my arrival, I took advantage of the lighting conditions and shot some forest light art. Here are a couple of my favorites from the Willamette National Forest.

Chess Showdown

My kids crack me up! I brought Blake and Lauren to work with me today. They wanted to play a chess set that I had in my office. I was cracking up non-stop listening to them play. They have no idea how to play chess:) I captured this little gem of my kids and got to test a new camera lens for my Canon DSLR at the same time. Enjoy! 

Father/Son Light Art

I had a great time shooting some night photography with my son, Blake, this evening. We drove to the top of Pilot Butte and created light art. Blake's first piece is not bad. Spending time with your kids and teaching them life skills is so important.
Lord, give me the discipline to  be a great steward of my time. Let me put my family before my work or play. May I teach them your Word and model your instructions in every area of my life. May your joy and blessing abound in my family!